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Bearpaw Legal Resource Centre Workshops:

Just Cause – Your Legal Rights & Responsibilities When Dealing With the Police (10:00 – 11:15 a.m.)

VIDEO – Just Cause: Police Interaction Video is a comedic parody that follows the adventures of a fugitive grandma and her well-meaning grandson, for the purpose of teaching adults their legal rights and obligations when interacting with the police.

Hosted by stand-up comic Howie Miller, Just Cause is both comic gold and educational film-making at its best. The Information is only applicable to ages 18 and up.

Going To Court (11:30 am- 12:30 p.m.)

Being charged with a crime usually means going to court to face the consequences. Going through the criminal court process is often a confusing and frightening experience for people. The Going to Court workshop goes through every step of the process, from charges to sentencing.

Everyone makes mistakes. Often the best way to remedy a bad situation is to be prepared for court and do the work it takes to try and get the best outcome. This workshop also offers useful information on accessing Legal Aid and appealing a court’s decision. The Going to Court workshop also explains the Gladue Decision and the significance of a Gladue Report for Aboriginal defendants involved in the justice system.

Breach of Administration Charges (1:30 – 3:00 p.m.)

Breach and Administration of Justice explains the many types of conditions that courts put in place during the term that a person is dealing with the court. Generally, administration of justice charges are broken promises made to the court. Examples include violating probation and release conditions or not showing up for scheduled court appearances.

When an individual breaks the law they have an obligation to endure consequences set out by the court. Breaches can be minor or major infractions. However, the court system is very strict about not adhering to conditions or terms regardless of the seriousness. A broken promise to the court is not tolerated and usually results in serious obstacles for individuals involved in the court system. The more broken promises, the tighter a person becomes entangled in the system.

This workshop outlines the importance of following court conditions and the consequences of not following them.

March 29th, Portage College, St. Paul (room 157).

Workshops delivered by Nadine Callihoo, Bearpaw Legal Education & Resource Centre.

Sessions are FREE however registration is required to attend. Please register early as seating is limited. Registration deadline is noon the day before a scheduled session.

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