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Portage College Public Legal Education Program at a Glance

Our Purpose

Since its pilot year in 2001, the Portage College Public Legal Education Program has been committed to partnering with community agencies and representatives throughout the Northeast Region of Alberta to ensure that public and community legal education needs are being addressed through the provision of information, resources, and education on a variety of legal topics.

Our Vision

The Portage College PLE program is an integral part of the Northeastern Alberta educational landscape and makes access to legal knowledge a realistic expectation for many Albertans. Providing learning opportunities and information on legal and justice related topics to facilitate learning and development of knowledgeable, skilled citizens who are able to access and engage effectively with the justice system.


Portage College was awarded grant funding from the Alberta Law Foundation for 2001 through to 2013, to provide a Public Legal Education (PLE) service in Northeastern Alberta. The PLE Program’s services range from providing seminars and workshops on legal and justice related topics, to networking and partnering with service agencies within the region to address justice/legal needs of area residents, to providing a Legal Resource Directory and public legal education information (PLEI).


Some past seminars we have offered include:

  • The ABCs of the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act
  • Aboriginal Hunting & Fishing Rights – Making sense of treaty issues and constitutional rights
  • Alcohol Drugs and the Law
  • Applying for a Pardon (Step by step guidance)
  • Breach and Administration of Justice Charges – The consequences breaking promises to the court
  • Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Common-Law Relationships and the Law
  • Community Justice Forums (2009 Forums held in Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, Saddle Lake First Nations, Kikino Metis Settlement)
  • Critical Response to Crime and Tragedy in Communities
  • Date Rape (The legal process that follows for both the victim and the offender)
  • Domestic Violence & the Law
  • Distracted Driving & the Law
  • Duty to Consult
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Financial Fraud against Elders
  • FOIP (Freedom of Information and Privacy)
  • Gang Awareness
  • Going to Court
  • Just Cause – Your rights and responsibilities when dealing with police
  • Identity Theft – How to recognize, report and prevent fraud
  • Impaired Driving & the Law
  • Internet Safety & Awareness: Protecting Your Kids from Cyber Bullying, Stalking, & Luring (VSU presentation)
  • Internet Safety: Be Smart, Be Responsible, Be Safe Online
  • Parenting – Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Directives, Guardianship, Trusteeship and Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Seniors Rights / Elder Abuse
  • Seniors and Fraud Protection
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Stalking Behaviours and the Crime of Criminal Harassment
  • Traffic Violations: A Guide to Driving Offences
  • Testifying in Court
  • Understanding Privacy Legislation
  • Wills and Estate Planning/Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

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